Why Californian wine will soon cost more in Beijing

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China will raise tariffs on a number of U.S. goods on Saturday, marking the recent strike in the trade war between the two largest economies in the world.

Beijing will increase customs duties on U.S. products worth $60 billion (£47.6 billion), has been meeting more than 5,000 items.

Prices for products, including wine and meat, will rise from 5 to 10% to up to 25%.

China aims for goods to U.S. producers and the trump-violating government.

At the same time, increased trade tensions had a negative impact on Chinese investments to America and caused new uncertainty for the US economy.
What products will be affected by fare increases?

The tariffs will be increased to a total of 5,140 products. They include:

* Meat: Fresh or cold-boned sheep meat, smoked or salted beef, minced meat

* Alcohol: sparkling wine, normal wine, other fermented beverages, gin, tequila

• Oil, seeds, and fruits: sunflower seeds, other oil seeds and fruit, plants as medicine

* Frozen foods: peas, corn, legumes, spinach, fruits and nuts

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Who do these tariffs hurt?

American farmers: the trade dispute has seen Beijing’s goal of U.S. farmers, including those who supply agricultural products such as meat, grains, and soy beans.

Higher tariffs mean that these goods will be more expensive for Chinese consumers who have other options.

“The farmers need some relief from this ongoing trade war ends and we are hit from all sides between the economy, the weather, and these retaliatory tariffs,” said Dale Moore, executive vice president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

“We’ve been holding on for a long time. For some of our farmers time is short,” he said.

Trump has promised 16 billion dollars of aid to farmers. The politically sensible States of the US presidents – the people who elected him -why Beijing has so many agricultural products in the customs list.

American vineyards: the US wine industry is in danger, and the cost for American wine in China will continue to rise. The tariffs will rise here by a further 15%.

It will be the third time that China has imposed in 14 weeks duties on American wine: the first was in April last year, then in September as retaliation FOR U.S. tariffs on 200 billion.