350 Million a week the output cost of the brexit vote

We’re able to utilize the synthetic control solution to quantify the potential need for elevated uncertainty for output decline. In an initial stage, we establish the upsurge in economic coverage uncertainty because of the Brexit vote like this, this time in accordance with the Economic Insurance policy Uncertainty (EPU) index (Baker et al. 2016) (www.policyuncertainty.com). This index measures the quantity of news content discussing economic insurance policy uncertainty (normalised to average 100).

In Amount 3, the blue brand represents the plan index for the united kingdom; the red line may be the EPU in the doppelganger overall economy. Note that, in this instance, the doppelganger economy isn’t similar to the output doppelganger talked about above because different info are availability. The physique shows that the upsurge in uncertainty in the united kingdom because of the Brexit vote offers been large. It dwarfs, specifically, the upsurge in uncertainty during the Wonderful Recession. As Baker et al. (2016b) explain, the upsurge in EPU offers been concentrated in the united kingdom, which we are able to also see in Physique 3. This is amazing, because global plan uncertainty has been large because of, among other points, the united states presidential elections. However we discover that the boost of EPU in the united kingdom exceeds the EPU doppelganger by about 250 factors in the year following a Brexit vote. Following a arguments of Baker et al. (2016b), the uncertainty aftereffect of the Brexit vote on output may therefore be much like that of the fantastic Recession – that’s, a decline of financial activity around one percentage stage.

Physique 3 Economic plan uncertainty, UK (blue collection) versus doppelganger (red collection)

At this time, we can not reject the hypothesis that the output loss up to now is entirely because of increased plan uncertainty. But current forecasts claim that the output loss will boost. Anticipation of the impact of the post-Brexit regime may very well be felt already. We are in a position to say more relating to this once we revise our assessment in the spring of 2018.


That is a novel method of monitoring the realised output losses which can be causally related to the Brexit referendum. Presently, towards the end of the 3rd quarter of 2017, the output loss features been near £20 billion or 1.3% of GDP, reflecting heightened uncertainty evident in fewer investment and a decrease in consumption. Current estimates claim that the economical costs of the Brexit vote will climb further – even prior to the UK basically leaves the EU.

We will update our estimates frequently as new data can be found in. This can make it easy for economists and the wider open public to monitor the evolving costs of the Brexit method within an unbiased, transparent, and totally data-driven way.


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